Our Services

Services under the De Paul Cancer Care Trust

The Board of trustees under the leadership of the Executive Trustee try to serve the Cancer patients who are extremely poor and are unable to meet their medical and material needs. Three services are rendered to them, namely, counseling, prayer and provision of a small one time amount of Rs. 5000/- The following procedures are followed in every case:

1. Submission of application in prescribed form duly filled in and signed by the applicant.

2. Scrutiny of the form in order to know whether the patient is eligible for the support.

3. The applications from patients who were treated in a high profile hospital are seldom approved.

4. The case is taken up in the executive committee meeting and a final decision is taken about which the patient is informed.

5. The patient or his/her close relative is given counseling, and a small amount of money (Rs. 5000/-). Then special prayers are offered for the patients his/her family.

6. In some special cases follow ups are made.

7. Awareness programmes and detection camps are planned and implemented for the areas where there is high incidence of cancer on the basis prevention is better than cure.