Efforts of the Vincentian Congregation

Vincentian Congregation is a society of Catholic priests who have come forward to support the cancer patients, especially from the poorest families. The three Provinces of the Congregation have supported this project financially so that we can initiate the programme. We give the patients or their close relatives counselling, prayer support and a small amount of Rs. 5000/- when we find that they are deserving. We have already supported 825 cancer patients within a period of 3 and a half years after starting the Trust. Applications from deserving cancer patients are coming more and more and we are unable to support all of them as there is a shortage of funds.

Besides this, we have also started cancer care centres (hospices) near two medicals colleges / Regional Cancer Centres so that we can assist the cancer patients from low income groups who come to the medical colleges/Cancer Centres for treatment. Ninety nine percent of the patients who have received our support belong to the category of the poorest of the poor .

We have made an analysis of the 365 patients whom we have supported. Female patients (191 - 53.15%) outnumber the males (162 – 46.85%). It is found that the most vulnerable age group of the patients comes between 41 to 60 years. Out of these 365 patients thirty two are (1-10) children (8.76%) which is considerably high.

The poverty of family aggravates the suffering of the patient. We have supported patients irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

We in the Vincentian Generalate are praying for these patients and specially remember them during the night prayers between 8.00 to 8.30 pm. These patients are also requested to pray for all the cancer patients especially for the 825 patients whom we have already helped. You are also requested to pray for them especially during the evening times.

We have started a website for the purpose of fund raising, namely, www.cancercaredp.com. Periodically it is being updated giving stories of the new cancer patients. You can contact us through the e-mail ID given below: depaulcancercare@gmail.com.or If you wish to support us financially you may kindly contact us.

What is cancer?

Medically Cancer, known as a malignant neoplasm results in unregulated cell growth. The cells divide and grow uncontrollably, developing into malignant tumours, and affecting nearby parts of the body. There are over 200 different known cancers that afflict human being. Unintentional weight loss, fever, being excessively tired, and changes to the skin, etc. are the main symptoms that occur due to the cancer.

Causes of Cancer

Cancer is primarily attributed to environmental factors forming 90–95% of cases and due to genetics -5–10%. It is not just pollution but factors such as tobacco (25–30%), diet and obesity (30–35%), infections (15–20%), radiation, stress, lack of physical activity, a environmental pollution, Tobacco smoking, etc. leads to many forms of cancer, and causes 90% of lung cancer. Diet, physical inactivity, and obesity are related to approximately 30–35% of cancer deaths. According to the Indian council of Medicines and research there are 2.8 million cancer patients and every year it is steadily increasing Indian Situation.

Indian Situation

Cancer is a killer disease and it has caused untold sufferings to the person who gets it. Once one gets cancer it will brings a lot of troubles and problems to the patient as well as to the members of his family . The close family members , in spite of their meager income, have to take care of the patient as he or she is dearest to them. They go for the best treatment available without thinking whether it is affordable to them or not. The family of the patient comes under great financial stress. Once he dies the family becomes poor and finds it very difficult to meet their daily needs.

Listen to the cry of the cancer Patients!

There is a huge section of the patients in the hospitals, cancer wards of medical colleges hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, etc. who are reeling under the physical, mental and psychological pain. They have sold everything and borrowed huge amounts to treat their sickness desiring to be cured and lead a normal life. But unfortunately their suffering increases leading to untimely demise and their family becoming poorer and poorer, finding it difficult to meet both ends…. Cancer Patients! Do we listen to their cry? Let us extend our helping hands to these unfortunate ones however small the help may be.